Essential Oils Brands

Well we can certainly say that this article would have been easier to write five years ago before essential oils exploded in use. With so many uses for essential oils, companies have poured into the industry, making for a confusing array of options for consumers. We will keep this essential oil brand review as simple and brief as possible.

For your convenience, we are going to rate just two brands: doTERRA and Plant Therapy.


DoTERRA is the brand we always recommend. DoTERRA, in our opinion, has the highest quality essential oils available. For any essential oils use, whether its topical, internal, and/or aromatherapy, doTERRA’s products are of the highest quality and grade. However, that commitment to quality, transparency, and standards comes with a higher cost for each essential oil. When compared to the products you can now find on the shelves at Walmart, doTERRA’s products can run four to five times as much for the same quantity of oil.

DoTERRA’s company history is interesting and definitely worth a read.


Plant Therapy is the brand we recommend when cost is a factor. Plant Therapy is our “value” brand. We know that purchasing a large essential oils collection can be quite expensive, especially depending on what you are using them for. Plant Therapy essential oils can be substituted in diffusing blends to save on cost, but the quality of the product is just not as high as doTERRA in our opinion. However, the cost savings can be substantial and they do have high internal standards for their products.

Plant Therapy’s company values and history are also worth a read.

Other Brands

Our lack of coverage for other essential oils brands comes from the fact that these two companies have exceeded our expectations and met all of our essential oils needs. Other brands are certainly capable of doing that, but we do not have the personal experience with them, so we will not recommend their product. However, there are plenty of people who have and you can certainly feel free to experiment with other brands and just utilize the information on the site.

Young Living and Eden’s Garden are two of the most well-known and reputable brands that are out there, so if you are looking for other options, that is where we suggest to start!


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