Essential Oils Cost Analysis

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At first glance, it definitely seems that these essential oil products are expensive. You may be asking yourself “Are Essential Oils worth the cost?” Let’s run a cost analysis to see just what kind of deal oils are!


Let’s use our mosquito spray as our example. Right now, a 4 oz Off Spray sells for $5.88 on Amazon. That works out to $1.47/oz.

Now you bought the 8 spray bottles for $18.99, which is a capacity of 60 oz or $0.32/oz. In this case, it also helps to remember that these are reuseable and the cost only needs to be paid once!

Let’s assume you bought the Essential Oils Trio Starter Pack, so your Lavender costs $22/ 15 ml bottle. Each 15 ml bottle contains 300 drops. Now you are going to use 20 drops from that bottle each time you make the essential oils mosquito repellent. This works out to be (20/300) x $22 = $1.47 per bottle, but we have to remember we are making 4 oz. and so divide $1.47 by 4 to get $0.37/oz.

You snagged Lemongrass for $13.33 as well, which using the same formula above works out to $0.22/oz.

Essential Oils Mosquito Spray: Lavender $0.37/oz + Lemongrass + $0.22/oz + Bottle $0.32/oz = $0.91/oz

The Winner

In summation, the Off Spray is $1.47/oz. Your homemade essential oils mosquito spray works out to be just $0.91/oz. Keep in mind that 1/3 of that is from the reuseable bottle! In this case, homemade essential oil mosquito repellent is 38% cheaper than its commercial equivalent!

Are essential oils worth it? Now the essential oils investment looks quite different! This is the same reason that buying a 12 pack of paper towels at Costco is cheaper than buying one at the dollar store. You’ll spend more upfront, but save in the long run!

If you want to see cost breakdowns for other essential oils recipes, please let us know!


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