Essential Oils FAQs

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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are concentrated compounds extracted from plants that retain the scent and flavor of the plant (its “essence”).

Are Essential Oils Safe?

Generally, yes. Oils are meant to be applied topically, internally, and/or diffused and absorbed through aromatherapy. Here is a list from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration detailing which essential oils are safe for consumption. You also may experience an allergic reaction to certain oils and should discontinue use immediately (here is more information on allergic reactions to essential oils). Children experience essential oils differently than adults, so caution is needed when making essential oils products for children. Consult a qualified medical professional before using on children, but here is a quick safety snapshot for kids.

Why Use Essential Oils?

While scientific and clinical research is being conducted as essential oils have exploded in popularity, there are a TON of uses for essential oils. Our full list can be found here. A short list of documented benefits for essential oils are sleep improvement, headaches, reducing inflammation, antibacterial, insect repellent, spider repellent, and cleaning solutions!

How Do You Use Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are primarily used 1) aromatically (smell), 2) topically (touch), and/or 3) internally (consumption). Aromatically often involves diffusing the oil in a diffuser or simply sniffing the oil directly out of the bottle. Topically involves rubbing the oil onto a body area to absorb the oil through the pores in the skin. Internal involves consuming the oil, whether in a cooking recipe, veggie capsule, or other method.

Are Essential Oils Safe for My Pets?

Essential Oils can be used safely on your cat or dog, but widespread data does not exist to support that they are safe and effective on pets. Here is some more information about essential oil safety and dogs. Here is some more information about essential oils safety and cats.

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