Essential Oils Tick Spray!

First things first! You are going to want to have a set of amber glass spray bottles for ANY homemade oil spray. This is the best deal on Amazon and these bottles work great: (click me). It comes with 8 bottles in various sizes for just $18.99. All of these bottles will be utilized once you start to see how well your oils work and you’ll probably want another one!

Glass Spray Bottle, ESARORA Amber Glass Spray Bottle Set - Essential Oils - Cleaning Products - Aromatherapy (16OZ x 2, 8OZ x 2, 4OZ x 2, 2OZ x 2)

Alright, on to the good stuff. Do essential oils kill ticks? Is there a magic essential oil tick repellent spray? Yes and yes. The Essential Oil Cedarwood has been proven to be lethal to ticks and an effective deterrent. Essential Oils from Geranium based plants have been studied and shown to be effective at repelling ticks. Combining these two, we can make a safe Essential Oils tick repellent!

It is important to remember that these all natural sprays will repel and deter ticks for about 2 hours MAX. The trade-off for not using chemicals like DEET is the need to reapply the natural ingredients more frequently. But, that is one of the biggest reasons to use an essential oil tick repellent! No carcinogenic chemicals being rubbed on your skin that could cause health issues for your family.

We will focus on two essential oils for our tick spray recipes! Geranium and Cedarwood will be combined to form our effective essential oil tick repellent. Unfortunately, unlike some of the other sprays, Geranium oil is a bit pricey, but luckily Cedarwood is not!

Here is some research on these essential oils against ticks from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Making the Essential Oil Tick Spray

1) Grab your 2 oz bottle from your set. You’ll want to use the 2 oz so you can easily tuck it in a purse, pocket, or bag for outdoor use. The 2 oz is acceptable for tick spray because ticks are found in deep woods and flush fields, where your primary defense should be minimizing exposed skin with clothing.

2) Grab Cedarwood and Geranium Essential Oils.

3) Fill the bottle halfway with water (tap works fine, but filtered is always better).

4) Add 8 drops of Cedarwood and 8 drops of Geranium.

5) Fill the rest of the bottle with water.

6) Shake hardily and you now have your essential oils tick spray!

How to Apply

Since you know you are heading into tick territory and have long, tight fitting clothing, you need to focus on where ticks can enter. Apply a coat around the cuff of your shoes/boots and the bottom of your pants. If your shirt is not going to be tucked in, a coat around the waste is needed. Spray around your wrists to prevent ticks from climbing up your shirt. Lastly, spray around your neck to prevent them from getting down your shirt. Remember, every two hours there should be a reapplication and more frequently if sweating or getting wet!


You may have heard different things about different essential oils, but in our opinion doTERRA has the highest quality product. Their oils tend to be a bit pricier, but they are extremely effective and we have never had any issues with their performance.

For this project, we recommend doTERRA Geranium ($40.53 on Amazon) and doTERRA Cedarwood ($17.33 on Amazon). Combined with the amber glass spray bottle set for $18.99, you will have all the bottles you will need for essential oils, plus enough oils to make enough essential oils tick spray for a year or more.

Wondering if essential oils are worth the cost? Check out our Essential Oils Cost Analysis.

If you do not have Amazon prime yet, enjoy a free 30 day trial here.

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